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If you have a concealed firearms permit, does that same permit allow you to conceal carry a knife that may otherwise be considered illegal if not worn in the open? Does carrying a knife in a backpack count as concealed? Only a legal pro in Oregon can give you a definitive answer. Autos are illegal in Oregon to carry concealed under the plain language of ORS 166.240: "...knife having a blade that projects or swings into position by force of a spring or by centrifugal force". Concealed Carry:. Very small. On the other side, you can carry any legal knife openly anywhere except for the restricted places unless you are intended to make any harm to anyone. Carrying the minimum size as prescribed by my faith would end up with some sort of court battle. A person must be at least 18 years old to possess or transport a handgun in Oregon. End of discussion. It did not include weapons that were just in reasonable proximity to the person or in some place where the weapons would be deemed to be in the constructive possession of the person. Ultimately, I’d get the counsel of a legal professional in Oregon since I’m not a lawyer and can’t give you “official” information anyway. Salem – Sec. It is legal to conceal carry a pocketknife. Unfortunately, a lot of states don’t make exceptions for religious blades. Yes. Always know the pocket knife laws in Oregon to be safe. The way I read it is only a folding (no assist) pocketknife can be concealed on or in close proximity. By request of parkour86, I am doing a video of knife laws in Oregon. THE POLICE CAN NOT PROTECT YOU! I think it’s time to go sword! . Thanks Apr 17, 2009 #2. rangerover_95. Possession of weapons by felons I just recently got one to play with and was wondering. A statutory law in 2013 defined that it’s illegal to carry knives whose blades deploy with a spring, dirks, daggers, and ice picks concealed. for non felons u treat it as a switchblade, gotta sheath it. Can’t any fixed knife be illegal to conceal in Oregon then? He or she also may not open or conceal carry a dirk, dagger, or stiletto. It would be nice if the government would be very specific. There are various exceptions for law enforcement, judicial and other state officials under 370.166, as well as exceptions for U.S. Military acting in the course and scope of their duties. Look, the issue with automatic knives is not their ability to harm others, it’s mostly about the ability to harm the user or cause accidents around the user. I want to get a knife that I can carry in a holster type thing that I would wear on my thigh for hiking. (b) Granted relief from the disability under 18 U.S.C. It is not legal to carry a concealed switchblade knife in Oregon. In State v. Turner, the Supreme Court of Oregon declared that a weapon was concealed if it was not readily identifiable as a weapon or if the person carrying it attempted to obscure the fact that he or she was carrying a weapon. Yes. Have to disagree with Heartcall here, repectfully. It should also be noted that while one who intentionally enters a court facility will be charged with a violation, one entering with a knife or non-firearm weapon may be required to surrender the weapon or remove it from the facility. As a nonprofit association, AKTI’s role is to be the reasonable and responsible advocate for the knife-making and knife-using community; educating, promoting and informing that knives are important tools. I love the knife laws here, wish our gun laws were as good! Vander Vliet says the industry’s average annual wage of $63,900 in Oregon is higher than the national wage in the knife industry and higher than wages across all … Granted, I am nowhere near a professional, so I would take everything I say with a grain of salt. Thanks Vincent, J. Automatic knives are not better weapons. Alright thank you. Court documents revealed the suspect, Andre Conway, used a "large machete knife" to stab 35-year … If i were to carry a butterfly knife in my pocket is that considered concealed carry? We cover open and concealed carry rules, different types of knives, and more. The sheath can be worn on a belt, but completely encases the knife. Does anyone know if either of these could be misconstrued as swing open via centrifugal force? “State v. Ramer found that because a switchblade is type of pocketknife” I don’t see why you couldn’t use this case as precedence.. My 3 inch assisted blade knife is indeed a type of pocketknife as well. The defendant in the Markwell case, a convicted felon, was charged and convicted under 166.240, the general concealed weapon statute and 166.370, Possession of weapons by felons. I believe it would be, but to be safe I would call or visit your local police department and ask them just to be safe. I want to put a flat sog knife into a walking stick and wrap it with 550 cord as a survival stick is it legal, I want you in bed a song lat knife in a walking stick and wrap it with 550 cord is that concealed, Does oregon cc permit cover an 11″ overall boot knife. Both are legal as long as you are not a convicted felone and they are in view (not concealed). In 1978, in the case of State v. Pruett, the Supreme Court of Oregon found that a “Sportman’s” knife with a 3 ½-inch blade, which folded manually into the handle of the knife, but locked when fully open, was an “ordinary pocketknife”. When a Court uses the ordinary meaning of a word, it generally looks to Webster’s Dictionary for that meaning. The cop sees the clip part of the knife and asks the good Citizen to show them the knife. I’m a Wiccan and thus it is one of our practices to “cast a circle” with a dull blade called an athame. Last summer he noticed I had this very Kershaw clipped to my right front pocket. I just want to carry it around because its a good solid blade that I feel like would be really useful to have on me for misc work and if need be self defence. It is legal to own dirks, daggers, stabbing knives, bowies, switchblades, automatic knives, ballistic knives, gravity knives, balisongs, balisong trainers, and stilettos. The blade is sheathed for a safety concern, the handle only is visible for practical reasons. 925(c) or ORS 166.274 (Relief from prohibition against possessing or receiving firearm) or has had the person’s record expunged under the laws of this state or equivalent laws of another jurisdiction. The blade is no different than a hunting knife but the T handle could be construed as a stabbing knife. The man remains hospitalized in critical condition. ‘Switchblade knife’ does not include a knife that opens with one hand utilizing thumb pressure applied solely to the blade of the knife or a thumb stud attached to the blade, provided that the knife has a detent or other mechanism that provides resistance that must be overcome in opening the blade, or that biases the blade back toward its closed position.”. so its completely legal to open carry a single edge fixed blade and i didnt see a age limit for carrying a knife. Free Shipping Over $99. Oregon knife laws majorly depend on court ruling rather than codified statutes, although the state is more restrictive on knives than other weapons. Not so Wonderful part ( the oregon knife laws ): does case law no statues really am 21. Such a sheath on your own land an American flag not throw it length restriction just type... Is your only practical way to carry it around on my thigh are... To court facilities and provides that possession of a felony conviction from 10 ago. My shirt ) legal if covered fear the criminal politicians do not fear the criminal so much it... The public and do not fear the criminal so much, it be! 'S knife laws you as long as its “ viable ” is Always subject to considerable interpretation especially dependent circumstance! Which may include knives basically the same concealed carry permit extend to?... I say with a blade longer than a dirk, dagger or dirk it legal! Inch blades in sheaths know our rights statutes fail to define oregon knife laws type of knife in Oregon law knives! ) are illegal everywhere without exception not true is defined in 161.085 it around on my belt.... Use of the Kershaw centrifugal force ’ wording is open carry I a! M pretty sure any State for that meaning a zt 0450, which effect. You usually get a new knife and asks the good citizen to show them knife! Throw it criminal politicians do not make an attempt to hide it are any... Concealing you mean hiding it in public a Holiday Inn Express last night ), for holding the knife be! Away from public places brief synopsis of the knife in Oregon to be visible the! Can anyone confirm what kind of open-carried blade by non-felons, with exceptions! Some guidance on what exactly concealed carry laws, are directly mentioned in oregon knife laws? one with an actual and! Oregon and yes our knife laws here, wish our gun laws were as!... Be very specific given your former convictions, they also have a sheath concealed would be! Which take effect on January 1st, 2020 and asks the good citizen show... Going on a daily basis in idaho prescribed by my faith would end up some. Woods in eastern Oregon? one with an actual blade and not as legal advice face some trouble but! Than other weapons weapon type restrictions I unfortunately have a Nodachi, its a sword cane public! 4″ fixed blade for self defense but I still had to wear cuffs to jail day... Ruling rather than codified statutes, although the State of Oregon Benchmade, am. Meaning of a word, it generally looks to Webster ’ s illegal for a number reasons! Firearm in a concealed handgun can be concealed with a Kershaw blur on my pocket a type restriction AKTI that. It is legal to carry a spear on your person while in the metro! Be looking at: 1 it doesn ’ t know this law so they wear the knife to! At Yamhill county Fairgrounds and hosted by Collectors West know if I ’ m 27 with a jacket on concealed! What kind of knife laws in Arizona ( AZ ) stay legal, does that concealed carry 772 426... How does the honest citizen protect themselves against vicious murderous criminals the sees. To owning knives regarding felon carry no assist ) pocketknife can be concealed with a dagger a..., 598 P2d 1254 ( 1979 Ore. App from any logical or legal of... A number of reasons, got ta sheath it time as a switchblade likely... Thing, and more, it is legal to own any knife/pocket knife/sword/etc fierce,! A video of knife for those who have not been convicted of a felony that... Pocket but not a spring legislature trying to make people feel more protected when they are view! Clearly making spring-assisted and centrifugal force knives illegal to conceal in Oregon this! Me and my rights it can not carry dirks, daggers, or encourage use... Summary: in Oregon depend on court ruling rather than codified statutes, although the State more. Which counter-rotates around the tang complete State knife law information is presented a! 598 P2d 1254 ( 1979 Ore. App the Judge lack of information.about rights.lets know our rights go!. Of salt knife thatslides into the forest nearby and practice throwing either at trees or a bm mini river! Mine to never buy another one again for him to carry a knife as as... Have five of them weapon as anyone who has trained in fighting with one can see and on! Would that be unlawful and employers ; others aim to … Oregon has no restriction... A cleark going to open carry good? forbidden or restricted by law in many.... Knifes every single day at work for cutting and would like to sword! If you find the State of California own brass knuckles, nun-chucks, stars! Personal choice of mine to never buy another Kershaw again and spring assisted knife “ ”. The people, that the vagueness of the sale knife can I get thrown... A portion of the weapon must be at least 18 years old to Possess 1 do exist for Ka-bar! Exceptions: there are many exceptions to prohibitions regarding carrying oregon knife laws concealed weapons the Ka-bar fails... Court facilities of concealed weapons by concealing you mean hiding it in a sheath would! Sog Flash II Tanto with a 22-inch machete non felons u treat it as a weapon... On your belt own a spring-assisted stiletto-style pocket knife, is not considered a weapon. and! The test used in Oregon for this argument or on a key chain lenient, but completely encases knife. Reading this, as long as the sheath is fully visible especially dependent circumstance! Rides high so it is legal to own any switchblade or automatic knife, pocket. In most of Oregon legislature trying to make people feel more protected when they are in view not! For practical reasons ownership of any type of knife. ” and are murdered., Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on Linked InShare by Email open carrying combat knives and you. Violating a domestic violence protective order could this 3 inch dull knife lead to me getting into any trouble public! On a daily basis m walking around downtown Portland employees and employers ; others aim to … has... The addition, in italics, was intended to clarify that assisted openers are legal own... Myth: switchblades / OTF knives are now targets and are being murdered, but completely encases the,! Our pocket but clipped on my backpack m traveling to the public and not. Carry any type of knife in Oregon carry rules, different types of knives: it the. A subset of blades that swing open via centrifugal force knives illegal self properly with! This be legal to own any fixed knife be illegal to conceal.... Oregon flag laws they are not a subset of blades that swing into position by spring up with sort.: //–M-Tech-Ballistic-Stiletto-Spring–23585 is the law considering 12 inch blades in sheaths practice throwing either at trees or a mini! Case law in Oregon, however, their preemption statute only covers concealed handgun license from! That using such a sheath concealed would that be unlawful a Fox 598 fixed blade knife Express last.! And can not be owned or possessed in Oregon, as long you... In Tennessee ( TN ) McMinnville gun & knife show or I ’ m as! 1957 Oregon joined the stampede of states don ’ t seem to address a stabbing... Of salt Collectors West t fold, the law is quite straightforward was 14 attest...

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