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There are no upcoming events at this time. Make Physical Download Cards to Give Away (bundle in with Merch), 2. They are either expired or are not currently valid. 50%. Then you’ll have to name this group of codes, so you know what they’re for, for instance something like 2020 January Promo. Fans have paid artists $606 million using Bandcamp , and $18.1 million in the last 30 days alone. Twitch Streaming for Musicians – How to Customise Your Twitch Channel! If I sell codes at a show, are those sales reported to music charts? Want to support what I’m doing with the DIY Guide? You can also discover amazing music via our magazine, Bandcamp Daily, or browse the best-selling music on Bandcamp. This may sound a little complicated but I’m going to cover this process is a future video so do let me know if that’s of interest so I can bump it up the list! 50% Off All Blume Music at Blume Uk Bandcamp Shop. Bandcamp Gift Cards Gift cards can be used to purchase millions of digital releases on Bandcamp, and physical items where you see this icon: Choose a design, add a message, and email or print it out. Scroll down to “Track/album Codes” and first select what the codes will be used to redeem. Well I’ve come up with some ideas! I think it’s kind of important to know how to redeem them yourself, so you know how the process goes. Awesome NEW Way to Customise Your YouTube Channel! The best way to support what I do is to either buy my music or subscribe to me on Bandcamp. But what you can do in Mailchimp is create a Merge tag for your email campaign which acts as a sort of variable which you assign to the set of download codes. Well, I’m glad you asked. Code. If you have a newsletter which you might have set up in Mailchimp after watching my video on the subject (linked above) you could send out download codes to your fans through that. They’ll get notified of new releases in the future and if they have a fan account, their little avatar square goes underneath that release they just redeemed. Emailing track/album codes with MailChimp; Emailing track/album codes with Constant Contact; Can I make codes email-required? Now as each code is unique, you’d think it’d be near impossible to send out a different code to each fan’s email address without doing it one by one. I’m also a DIY Musician trying things out and sharing what works. 50% Off Your Order at Springbreaktapes Shop. OFF. And I agree, If you have a huge list, that’s obviously going to take way too much time. Get that and more for just $1 a month when you support what I do and become a patron. Head over to your Bandcamp page and select “Tools” from the top right menu. $20. Oh, and if you’re looking at which bloggers to send your music to, I’ve got a video for that too! Expired 09/25/20. OFF. Here’s something I cooked up all about that. You could also bundle these in with your physical merch too, as if you’re like me you always appreciate it when a band includes a download code with their vinyl releases. If you don’t know how to make them, I’ll quickly go through the process. Did your album just hit an anniversary? Fans have paid artists $606 million using Bandcamp, and $18.1 million in the last 30 days alone. The point is you’d always have something in your wallet or purse or whatever at hand to give away face to face. How can I find out which codes have been redeemed? To see your codes just click on the print button on the right hand side of your codes entry. Note your unique redeem link you’ll need to send to fans along with the code. Give away to potential bloggers (for reviews). Then what better way to celebrate than throwing out a bunch of download codes to potential new fans! more info. Hello, I’m Stephen and I’m making music inspired by Science Fiction books. The best way you can do just that is to become a Patron. Like my music? ... Popular Band Camp Promo Codes & Sales. Send Out Bandcamp Download Codes in Emails, 4. Do you know how to create Bandcamp Download Codes and maybe more importantly, do you know what to do with them? Every account starts with 200 and you gain 1000 more for every $500 dollars you make or optionally, you can purchase some more from Bandcamp. It’s just good musical manners these days! See Details. Now input the quantity of codes you’d like, the lowest being 100 and hit the Generate Codes button and you’re done. Do a Giveaway on Social Media to Celebrate a Milestone? If you don’t actually want to appear on the live stream, then check out my video of how to stream pre-recorded music videos and playlists. Want to get early access to DIY Musician Guide videos & other cool stuff? One good tip here is that you can actually use these codes even if your bandcamp album or track is set to private so it’s well worth setting up ahead of your official release date. Track/album codes (formerly known as download codes) are unique codes that fans can redeem for a digital track or album, giving them unlimited streaming via the Bandcamp … From ArkivMusic. Start Shopping at So, at the end of the video (see video above) I’m going to throw out a bunch of redeemable codes for my latest Wired to Follow release so stick around until then if you want to try it out yourself and get some free music. If you did it like that you could just pop in the chat now and again and throw in download codes. Well that’s entirely up to you obviously but for me I like having the option of being able to do this now and again for special occasions. Anyway, let’s move onto some ideas of what you can do with the codes once you’ve created them. The first idea would be to make some download cards you can give away or sell at events such as gigs. Get SPOTIFY Exposure on Twitch with Twitch Soundtrack – SIGN UP NOW! Here’s an extra top tip overall here, when people redeem these codes and choose to add this music to their Bandcamp collections, two awesome things will happen. Bandcamp Download Codes are a great way for your fans or potential fans to redeem your albums or tracks from your Bandcamp page for free. Expired and Not Verified Bandcamp Promo Codes & Offers. Now you might be thinking, why should I give away my music for free? Give away to potential bloggers (for reviews) If you’re planning on reaching out to bloggers to review … If you live stream on YouTube for example, maybe chatting or performing or whatever you could drop download codes throughout the stream to entice people to keep watching, basically like a giveaway. How to Add Music or Voice Over to TikTok Videos for Custom TikTok Music, How to make a Quick Landing Page for an Album or Track with smartURL, How to Make Album Art Music Videos in iMovie, How to Email Music Blogs & Promoters – My 5 Tips, How to Live Stream Pre-recorded Music Videos on YouTube. It just makes your release pages look a bit busier and for me, gives it a bit more of an incentive for people who visit your page to click and listen. See Details. SALE Buy I wish my brother Rob was here just for $1 . Here’s something I cooked up all about that. Can I generate fewer than 100 codes at a time? If you’re planning on reaching out to bloggers to review your upcoming release then it makes sense to you know, let them hear it before it’s released. 50%. Redeem it here. Musician? 5. That way you can help out your fans out if they run into trouble. 1. Just make sure you provide the redeem link along with the codes. 70% OFF. Show Coupon Code. These offers have not been verified to work.

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