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150+ episodes later, and the comedy improv show about fake drafting obscure items like Tom Hanks movies, things you say after you dunk on someone, or the perfect sandwich has nearly perfected what I’d look for in a comedy podcast. There’s a healthy mix of highlights, from government shutdowns to Californian wildfires to pop culture, to keep you up-to-speed and in-the-know without hogging too much of your time. It’s a perfect deep dive into horror movies and what inspires these stories, and a great listen for anyone with an interest in the macabre. Einmal in der Woche wird hier ausgiebig über Apple, Mac, iPod + iPhone, Gadgets und sonstige Apfel-Produkte diskutiert. If you’re unfamiliar, The Rewatchables is a movie podcast which analyzes and mostly celebrates past movies. 's Peter Sagal, The Chernobyl Podcast goes deep on the show with its creator, Craig Mazin, explaining the production, his research into the real-life events, and more. Mordlust. Die Beiträge sind ungefähr eine Stunde lang. It's hilarious, informative, and addictive. Will we ever get sick of podcasts? But there's way more to the story than those two names, and Gangster Capitalism gets into the nitty-gritty aspects of just how far people will go to achieve the American dream. Or, maybe I procrastinated a little too much this year and took some extra time revisiting some podcasts to create my best podcasts of 2019 list. 3 – talkSPORT. Mobituaries weaves interviews with experts and enthusiasts, poll questions, and elements of film, music, and television to great effect. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive list that takes into account multiple interests and opinions, read our list from midyear, The Best Podcasts of 2019 (So Far). As Kahn succinctly reviews, “Trufelman leverages the expansive canvas of longform narrative audio to paint a rich, color portrait of attempts to try and design a better world, and what happened when those designs didn’t go according to plan.”. 2019 continued to push the boundaries of what’s possible in podcasting, from a creative and quality perspective.

Throughout the year, we’re compiling the best new podcasts of 2019. There may be some fatigue around the subject matter, however, BROKEN is a riveting six-episode series detailing Epstein’s history, rise of his monstrous empire, and eventual arrest and death. If you're ready to get hypnotically creeped out, download Carrier ASAP. Klaas Heufer-Umlauf, Thomas Schmitt und Jakob Lundt, Podkinski - Der Podcast mit Palina Rojinski, Serienkiller - Mörder und ihre Geschichten, Sven Afhüppe, Hans-Jürgen Jakobs und die Handelsblatt Redaktion.

He finds that Dolly Parton’s fan base is a cross-section of American demographics, and he embarks on a quest to answer why. Von der Russenpeitsche bis zum Nudelsalat - es gibt nichts, worüber sich die beiden in ihrem Podcast nicht bis zu 90 Minuten lang austauschen können. As of 2019, Spotify has gone big on podcasts, buying up podcasting production companies and creating exclusive series for its 'Spotify Originals' platform. The truth is, however, AFE leveled up in 2019. Hosted by Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me! Founder and Editor of Discover Pods. 5 – funk von ARD und ZDF. By continuing to browse or closing this banner, you consent to our, Das Coronavirus-Update mit Christian Drosten, Der tagesschau Zukunfts-Podcast: mal angenommen, DailyQuarks – Dein täglicher Wissenspodcast, Eine Stunde History - Deutschlandfunk Nova, Wissensnachrichten - Deutschlandfunk Nova, Limonadenbaum – Der SWR2 Kinderbuchpodcast, Lage der Nation - der Politik-Podcast aus Berlin, MORD AUF EX – Der internationale True Crime Podcast, Hielscher oder Haase - Deutschlandfunk Nova, Steingarts Morning Briefing – Der Podcast, Kurz informiert – die IT-News des Tages von heise online, Zeitsprung – Geschichten aus der Geschichte, happy, holy & confident. That means any show that began production with new episodes this calendar year. Sure, the podcast focuses on stories with a sports angle, but simplifying the podcast into a narrow category does a disservice to its excellent documentary storytelling ability. Good: Check out our picks for the Best Movies of 2019 and the Best TV Shows of 2019. The case that follows is an elaborate, twisted story involving high-profile lawyers, the Latin Kings, and revenge. Charts. Das allumfassende Thema ist die Liebe zu zweit und wie diese über einen längeren Zeitraum überleben kann. Category: Science & TechnologyHost: Kevin FongWhy it's great: It's been 50 years since man first walked on the moon, and to celebrate, BBC World Service produced 13 Minutes to the Moon, scored by Hans Zimmer. Besides the narrowed scope, the two podcasts are essentially identical. How do cheeseburgers affect climate change? Ein Ende ist bei den beiden noch lange nicht in Sicht. Dies haben wir zum Anlass genommen, um Ihnen die sechs beliebtesten deutschen Podcasts auf Spotify zu präsentieren. Die stellvertretende ZEIT-Chefredakteurin und der Ressortleiter ZEIT Wissen besprechen die spektakulärsten und bemerkenswertesten, meist deutschen, Kriminalfälle und tauchen tief in die Fälle ein. Besprochen und zerpflückt wird das aktuelle Fußballgeschehen - nicht nur in der Bundesliga. Seit dem 11. I had such a blast listening to this caper.”. What if there were a podcast that could deliver you the biggest news stories in the world in under 10 minutes? Dan Taberski continues his elite storytelling run and is in my short-list for podcasters I’ll auto-subscribe to their new work, whatever the subject (see: Trufelman, Avery in the recommendation below). Category: ScienceHost: Jacob Margolis and Mischa EucephWhy it's great: You've probably heard of "The Big One," the giant prophesied earthquake that will almost definitely flatten huge amounts of the West Coast, and possibly soon. We looked at more than two dozen of the top finance podcasts nationwide and narrowed down the list to our top eight based on the overall production.

As with any “best of” list — especially those written by a single person (like this one) — there’s a decent amount of subjectivity as indivudual’s tastes vary drastically. Gemischtes Hack. 2 – Joe Rogan. Seinen Anfang nahm der Podcast von Jan Böhmermann und Olli Schulz bereits im Jahr 2012: Die beiden plauderten unter dem Deckmantel einer Radioshow auf  radio1 vom rbb munter drauf los und nannten sich „Sanft und Sorgfältig”.

This podcast, produced by SoCal NPR-affiliate station KPCC, is all about the possibility of that cataclysmic event -- how to understand it, prepare for it, and what it will mean, not only for Californians, but the rest of the world, too. Best 10 Podcasts on Spotify You Can’t Miss. It may be a tear-jerker, but it's well worth it for the clarity and hope each episode offers. However, all those other “best of” lists that came out before the new year aren’t truly covering the whole year. You won't want to miss this up-close and personal discussion series with one of the biggest names in Hollywood -- past or present. The 10 Best Road Trip Podcasts of 2020. Laut der Studie holt Spotify als Bereitsteller von Podcasts mächtig auf. Inhaltlich dreht sich alles um die Beziehung der Podcaster. She talks to host Josh Dean about her childhood and her emotional journey in this tight, eight-episode series that offers a unique spin on the classic true-crime podcast genre. Spotify — Great Britain — Top Podcasts 1 – Times news briefing. Das Team um Timo Hetzel arbeitet die technischen Themen locker und sympathisch auf. The Dropout, a hit podcast from ABC News and Nightline, chronicles the rise and fall of Holmes, from the creation of Theranos to her destructive relationship with its COO, Ramesh Balwani, to her trial. Im Juli 2018 starteten die beiden Fernsehjournalistinnen Paulina Krasa und Laura Wohlers ihren True-Crime-Podcast. Mal werden die Fälle aus der Sicht des Opfers aufgerollt, mal aus der des Täters oder der Täterin. Nye provides detailed answers, from the micro to the macro, in these 40-minute weekly installments. Category: LiteratureHost: Jessica HarperWhy it's great: Actress Jessica Harper was  big-name actress in the '70s thanks to the horror hit Suspiria and romances like Stardust Memories and Pennies from Heaven. für solche mit -Symbol. Running From COPS. We all know the basics: the couple attacked on Lover’s Lane, the school bus threat, the letters to the press. The Ringer expanded their partnership with Luminary and created a spin-off podcast solely focused on movies that came out in 1999. In the episode Dollitics, Jad delves into Dolly Parton’s relationship with politics, how she manages risk, and seems to “circumvent disaster.” Her “verbal judo” has kept her afloat in an age of deep political polarization. Seit mittlerweile 15 Jahren sind die beiden nun ein Paar und haben dementsprechend viele Höhen und Tiefen durchlebt. Love sports? The most-streamed podcast genre of 2019 was comedy, showing that laughter is truly universal. Es werden jedoch auch Kriminalfälle besprochen, in denen die Täter zu unrecht von der Justiz verurteilt wurden oder Zeugen gezielt gelogen haben. It's a beautiful, albeit sad, story that lets listeners in on the most personal and uncomfortable experience a human could ever go through. Der Podcast setzt sich mit den Motiven, Hintergründen und Spätfolgen einer kriminellen Tat auseinander. The 13 Best True Crime Podcasts of 2020.

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