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Speedy • Ophelia Ramirez • Jeff the Spider • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy (also known as Billy & Mandy) is an American animated television series created by Maxwell Atoms for Cartoon Network and the fourteenth of the Cartoon Cartoons, albeit on when it was part of Grim & Evil. Ultimate Big Chill • Raj • Fluffy, UniKitty • Irwin • Patsy Smiles •

Marcus Conner •

Billy lives with his overprotective parents, Harold, and Gladys, in Endsville. Varies by episode

The Woolies • Paw Pooch • Nazz • Tanya Keys, Tulip Olsen •

Sam-R-I •

More The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy Wikia. Although she was not born yet, Mandy and kept the evil personality you have today.

Team Robin • Ditto • Zon, Finn • Numbuh 86 •

Krunk • Chelsea Keezheekoni, Grizzly Bear • Ice Bear •

Doc Saturday • Dexter's Mom • Johnny the Worm, Dexter • Mung Daal • Since then, Mindy Mandy has tried to terminate his friends.

Robin •

Yoink • Wildebeest • Rath • Wonder Woman • Streaky the Supercat • Swamp and Tad •

Clockwork •

Family Komodo • Speedy • Bloo •

Robo-Dexo 2000 • Richard Watterson • Patches • The Scotsman • Mandy's thorough emotionlessness, however, has sometimes been touched in a few scenarios, such as at one point when Billy was thought to be dead and Mandy's reaction appeared quite nervous and partially mournful. Her outfit consists of a small skirt, pink with a flower in the middle. Upgrade •

Kitty • Numbuh 4 • Jillian Vegan, Sonic •

To go visit the new neighbors, Mandy met Mindy, who was scared because of the move. Numbuh 3 • Good Empress • Carmen the Cactus, Uncle Grandpa •

Jof • Goals

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy Wiki,

Senator Safely, Mac • Val Hallen • Buttercup •

Her blond hair is shaped like a demon horns , symbolizing their wickedness even more . Koosalagoopagoop • Origin She likes to lead others and cause fear in people. Gwen Tennyson •

He at sometimes can be an antagonist when he gets very angry and delusional.

Whampire •, Sunny Bridges • Eddie • Chloe Park • Doyle •

Capital G •

Starfire • He has a spider-like son named Jeff. Professor Paradox • Muscle Man •

Amethyst • Thunder •

Knuckles • Blue Diamond • Gil Nexdor • The Wolf, Grim •

Silkie, Jeremie Belpois •

Numbuh 1,600 • Shnitzel • Billy is an extremely happy-go-lucky child with an IQ of -5.

Dukey • MandyThe Grim ReaperIrwinNergal (sometimes)Nergal Jr.Bride of FrankensteinWolfmanHoss DelgadoFred FredburgerDraculaPud'nLord PainKids Next Door Numbuh 60 • Tygra •

Blisstina, The Eds • Harold •

Adorabat • Diamondhead •

Despite this, Mandy is seen to crack an evil sneer at the end of a few episodes, such as when she becomes the only person left on Earth, and after winning the contest which gave her a servant in Grim. Jessica Cruz, Mao Mao • She aspires to dominate the planet with an iron fist and to stay as far away from Irwin as possible. Teether • Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Fistina • Or when Grim was kidnapped, she gave a sad face expression, shown that she cares about Grim and Billy. Mr. Slinkman • Pfish and Chip • Melvin • Buck Tuddrussel •

League of Nations, Kids Next Door • It follows a dimwitted happy-go-lucky boy named Billy and a cynical remorseless girl named Mandy who, after winning a limbo game to save Billy's pet hamster, gain the mighty Grim Reaper as their best friend in eternal servitude and slavery. Jesse Cosay • Beast Boy •

William "Billy" is the overall deuteragonist of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. O.Ratz • Eddy • He has a spider-like son named Jeff. Friends/Allies Gramps •

Charlie •

Wilfred, Courage • Captain Buzz Cheeply •

Kid Flash • Mandy is one of the main characters of the series The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy . Dave D.Fly • Benson •

Muriel Bagge • Carol • Darwin Watterson •

When he pointed out that she had no nose, he proceeded to shove an ice cream cone into her face, apparently creating a makeshift nose for her. Blind Mud Puddle Johnson, Powerpuff Girls • Panda Bear • Rock Blonko • Flem and Earl •

Jane Doe, Adam Lyon • He is enthusiastic and very curiously and dimwitted like his father, Harold.

The Mayor • Witchy Simone, K.O.


She hates everything and has an amazing knowledge of the supernatural .

Frankie Foster • Hanna-Barbera Heroes •

Although generally good-natured, he has occasional fits of stubbornness, violence and rage. Mandy is shown to be an anti-hero at best, and an antagonist at worst. Phan Tone •

Connie Maheswaran • Jetray •

Kwarrel • Numbuh 362 • Knowing and making friends, picking his nose, depends on the episode due to his low intelligence.

Destructively Nefarious Kids • Commander • However, she was born with hidden holes that allow breathing, which is demonstrated in several episodes of the series.


He has a pink, extremely large nose, wears a blue and white striped shirt and covers his orange hair with a red hat.

Mandy also despises Billy's best friend Irwin, who is strongly infatuated with her, and it was revealed in a television special that her worst nightmare would be to grow into a plump, optimistic woman married to a brawny adult version of Irwin, and in another episode it was implied that Mandy harbors a mild phobia of figure skating. Dexter's Dad •

Kickin Hawk •

Somehow, Mandy could control the formation of the body itself, born without a nose because I had Mandy disgust on them. Elfa Strike Squad • Eduardo •

But Phil and Claire prevented, something which would repent later during the growth of the young.

Reginald Skarr • [adult swim] Heroes •

Stinkfly • Hi Five Ghost •

KidDimwitSidekick Batgirl • Badgerclops • Chester •

William "Billy" is the overall deuteragonist of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. Crawdad Eustace • Hazel •

Spellbinder • Ms. Sara Bellum • Cannonbolt • Nergal Jr. •

Her blond hair is shaped like a demon horns, symbolizing their wickedness even more. Her outfit consists of a small skirt, pink with a flower in the middle.

Robbie the Robin • Kevin • Raven • Vambre Warrior • Robot Randy • Huntress Wizard, Mordecai • Numbuh 5 • Red Action • Sherwood and Ed • Billy and Mandy met as babies when he came over to her house, repeatedly ringing her doorbell to annoy her enough to answer.

Shockquatch •

Action Hank •

Eileen Roberts •

Hawkodile •

The segments were spun-out into their own series on June 13, 2003 (although the 2003 episodes were also produced originally for Grim & Evil), and continued to air until November 9, 2007. Numbuh 274 • Wildmutt •

When she did, the first thing she said to him was, \"Are you some kinda idiot?\". Gnarrk •

Mr. Gus • Way Big •

He is often the cause of Mandy and Grim's mishaps since he orders Grim to do rather foolish acts with his scythe. Bumblebee • Enid • Ultimate Way Big • Heatblast •

Ulrich Stern • Pizza Steve • Sector Z • Atticus • Later, the family moved to Endsville Mindy.

Skurd • Lizzie • Sir George • Association of World Super Men, Cow • Zed • J.P. Mercer •

William (surname unknown)

Bushido •

Roger Radcliffe • Más y Menos •

Larry 3000, Samurai Jack •

Ashi • Raven • Nurse Gazelle, Ben Tennyson • Grey Matter • Jeff Randell • Hoss Delgado •

Gwen Tennyson • DeeDee-Bot, Major Glory • Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Abraham Lincoln • Principal Pixiefrog •

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