bof french slang

(we'll buy another one). Another nuance of "bof" can be seen in the following example : In this case, the reply would come with a frown on the speaker's face, indicating s/he is not interested at all in the proposition. If you'd like to receive the answers faster, just leave your email address , I 'll send them to you directly (I'll then immediately delete your email address from the comments section right away), "On va prendre un pot ce soir, ça te dit de te joindre à nous ?" Here again, "bah" conveys the idea that it's not a big deal - the mirror can be replaced. bof. The "bah" answer is often complemented with "évidemment!" It's no secret than the French way of thinking can't really be described as upbeat and positive. Il suffit d'énoncer ces principes pour leur arracher aussi des bof fatigués. (what shall we do ?) or "what are you blind ?". Unfortunately, not always - that would be too simple ! Hopefully learning this list of French slang has made you feel more comfortable on the streets. This is a related yet slightly different use of "bah". ), "Euh oui, il est 16h30"  (Um yes, it's 4:30 pm). The second speaker is expressing a contradicting position, but the "euh" indicates to the other person he's sort of opening a debate on the topic. After going through this article, not only will the meaning of these words become much clearer, but hopefully you'll also dare to use them in your own spoken French, getting one step closer to French fluency. (we're going out for a drink tonight, want to join us ?). Bogota. We could go to the cinema, what do you think? (hum ... no, I think I'll stay here). bogue. "Tu veux une part de gâteau ?" bœuf de race bouchère. In certain situations, you may just say "bah!" All rights reserved. ", In this case, the second speaker raises her eyebrows and looks at the first one in a way that spells "can't you see ? You've probably found yourself in puzzlement, trying to make out exactly what the French speakers across from you meant as she used one of these words, whether standalone or as part of a longer sentence. But let's go back to the uses of bof in French. Anyway, if someone compliments you on something, if you follow French social etiquette, you may respond with a "bof..." to indicate you're a humble person and don't think too highly of yourself. Example sentences from the Collins Corpus. He's not saying the movie was bad - if that were the case he might have said something like : Here it's just "bof", i.e. "Ben" is equivalent to "eh bien", "well". there are shirts right here in front of you ! fric Je n'ai pas de fric pour m'acheter une voiture. ), "bof ... non, je crois que je vais rester ici." Check out the French vocabulary pages to increase your vocabulary in many different categories. Here, "bof" has a value of "so so", "not so good", average. - Bof, ouais pourquoi pas. (it's very easy to start a business), "Euh ... pas si facile que ça !" (Um ... well alright, but don't talk too much OK ?). (do you have the time please ? NASA, Last 50 years But her final assessment is that the trip was pretty good - in spite of the heat. ", He might add "ça se voit !" Si vous continuez à utiliser ce dernier, nous considérerons que vous acceptez l'utilisation des cookies. You might say it even though you're all alone. All FRENCH words that begin with 'B'. French people are traditionally quite reluctant to give positive feedback and opinions. People will say about you : "il / elle se la pète"  (he/she thinks too highly of him/herself). C'est une campagne bof... D'ailleurs, les gens en parlent avec détachement. "C'est très facile de démarrer une entreprise !" (sort of like a question). What is the best explanation for the above answer  ? The word "bof" is typically accompanied with shoulder shrugging. View usage for: (want a piece of cake ?). So "bah" is used as a filler word while the person is making up her mind. I don't have the money to buy a car. Depending on context, each one may have it own nuances. You say : "Bah y'a rien là !" Here, the speaker is using "euh" to indicate he's about to check the time to answer the question, so "euh" is used as filler. ), "Euh ... d'accord, mais ne parle pas trop, OK ?" There are many diverse influences on the way that English is used across the world today. (can I use your phone ? What is the meaning of "bah" in the above answer ? You may wonder if "bah" and "ben" carry the exact same meaning, since "bah" is a derivative of "ben". The person seems to have mixed feelings about his experience. Read our series of blogs to find out more. Fantastic article. We spend a lot of money on our holidays. Check out the following quiz, and write your answers in the comments below the article. "Tu crois qu'il va faire chaud demain ?" (it's obvious). French slang for Money. Coming from a French person, such a response may actually reflect a positive outcome. ), (pointing to a bunch of shirts)  "Bah oui ! If you’re catching up with a French-speaking friend, old or new, you’ll probably want to ask them how they are, and vice versa. Suppose your kid comes to you screaming there's a huge bug in the bedroom. Here are a few suggestions to try! (want to come with me ? - I dunno, alright then, why not. The other main use of "bah" is to suggest that something is obvious : "Tu as pris de l'argent sur toi ?" Last 300 years. What it comes down to is the "Egalité" part of the French motto "Liberté, égalité, fraternité" : everyone should be like everyone else, not better, not worse. Example in a clothes store : "Tu crois qu'ils vendent des chemises ici ?" In answer 2, depending on the way "bah" is pronounced, the person is saying it's obvious the weather is going to be hot (perhaps because it's summer time, or because of current weather conditions or geographic location). bogie. Here, "bah" indicates the person is hesitating, thinking about her answer. "Le film t'a plu ?" (you had some bad grades at school this quarter), "bah ... je ferai mieux le trimestre prochain !" (not that easy). (there's nothing here ! "Tu préfères diner chez toi ou chez moi ?" In French culture, for people to like you, you should come across as a modest person, even putting yourself down a bit. A typical example of this gloomy state of things is the expression "c'est pas trop mal" : in French, you often say "it's not too bad" when you actually mean it's quite good. The second speaker doesn't agree with the first, and starts her sentence with "euh" to indicate she has a "slight problem" with what the first speaker said, suggesting he should perhaps revise his judgement. You're expressing out loud your utmost suprise and confusion to find the apartment empty when you expected to find a fully equiped place for you to spend the night.

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