can you set off fireworks in your backyard The city code makes some exception for a few really tiny, non-projectile devices. Fireworks are allowed year-round … You may think the view is best up close, but trust … Fireworks are a no-go, unless you go through the proper permit process and get permission from the Fire Department. Whether you like sparklers, fountains, or bottle rockets, you're probably wondering if you can light fireworks in your backyard. The celebration of the Queen’s birthday -- Queen Victoria, of course -- was reserved for a spring-like celebration of hand-tossed firecrackers, Burning Schoolhouses and backyard displays. The sales regulations have changed, but whether you can fire them off in your backyard is up to local law. The answer to that … While residents can set off a wider variety of pyrotechnics than Ohioans or Kentuckians, they're limited to specific windows of time. I am sure that in most places, setting fireworks off in your back yard is prohibited but I live out in the county. If you live inside city limits, fireworks are prohibited. I live in Tennessee and in Tennessee, the areas are sectioned off by counties and then cities within those counties. Author has 587 answers and 5M answer views. DO move out of the potential path of the fireworks.

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