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Cape buffalo live in herds of anywhere between 10 and 200 individuals, dependent on the availability of food and water. The college is dedicated solely to the conservation of Africa’s native wildlife. This trip’s roots began decades ago for World Champion shooter Stan Pate. There was one good bull in there, and we wanted to get a shot if possible. The spoor showed us that the herd were relaxed in an open formation feeding into the wind. it is one of our favorite places to hunt and the scenes are amazing and breathtaking big game… Hunting Stories Season 1 Episode 9 Buffalo Hunting in Caprivi on Vimeo Pate had honored the memory of his dear departed friend, and each time he looks at that 40-inch Cape Buffalo mount, he’ll relive the dream hunt of a lifetime and a wish granted to a friend. 2:17. The kill was so recent its nerves could still be seen pulsating under the skin of the slumped carcass. It is simply a unique publication. Vin T. Sparano. There are many stories about Buffaloes - mostly close encounters and escapes, buffaloes charging hunters, hunters killed and injured. The huge helmet-like bosses, the drop of curled horn, the cattle smell; it all excites a buffalo hunter beyond words. This was the allure for me to hunt the mass of horn and muscle that is the mighty Cape buffalo. The majority of bulls we had seen were in the seven to ten-year age class. Supply seems to have caught up with demand, and prices have dropped. Cape Buffalo Hunting Up Close As most stories start out, "Once upon a time", this is about a Buffalo hunt in Zimbabwe . Cape Buffalo Hunt: A Bullet that Saved the Day (By Miguel Ângelo Salema, M.D.) This hunt is with one of Zimbabwe’s top PH’s and in one of the most renowned classic reserves of 20,000 hectares. In addition, the magazine strives to keep them informed with articles that cover top hunting destinations, the right tools and gear, conservation issues, and the skills they need to successfully pursue a variety of game animals. Many of the students that study are not in a position to pay even what it costs to cover the basics for their courses, so donations and fundraising are what keep the lights on. Many stories are told about how they ambush hunters that have wounded them during hunting expeditions. The Doctor made a prediction at this first meeting that I would fall in love with Africa, her game and scenery and my destiny would be to hunt Cape buffalo. The Greater Kruger and Klaserie borders some of the most impoverished areas in the world where our Western ethics and morals are far less valuable than $300k of hard cash for a couple of night’s work. Pate would soon own the rifle – a purchase made prior to Cameron’s passing along with a promise that he completes the African dream. My buffalo story starts not in Africa but in good ol’ Texas at the Dallas Safari Club Convention some four years before. Cameron would pull that rifle out on occasion and Pate marveled at a gun so beautiful it could be a work of art. AMERICAN BIG-GAME HUNTING "RK26213" Forest and Stream Publishing, N.Y. 1901 reprint of the 1893, 1st edition, 345 pages, illustrated in B & W. This was the first book of the Boone and Crockett Club and this copy is unique in that the silver pictorial buffalo and lettering on the cover and spine are both intact. Massaro with a Mozambican Cape buffalo, cleanly taken with a Heym 89B in .450/400 3" Nitro The buffalo was actually a donation to the college from the nearby Klaserie Private Nature Reserve. A few days later I managed to take my first monster, an old dugga boy with a brilliant Blaser R8 in .375 H&H. That means you need a rifle cartridge with bite and power behind it. Cape buffalo let out a low, guttural moan as the last breath leaves their body. You can be sure of hunting a hard-bossed cape buffalo bull or dugga boy. Both were excellent very old bulls. Cape buffalo.No matter how bad my day is going, thinking back to being on safari, chasing those big, black bovines across whatever terrain Africa has to offer simply picks me up. With my Leica scope wound down to x1 power, I mounted the gun and took my moving mark on his hull. The day of the hunt was a blur. Wibbitz Top Stories. Cape Buffalo Hunting Up Close As most stories start out, "Once upon a time", this is about a Buffalo hunt in Zimbabwe . The potential for the wind to change when the sun was fully aloft was high so we decided to leap frog ahead of the group and set an ambush along the way to the waterhole. The wheels were in motion and, eventually, the stage was set for an African Safari. We got a little too close to the Buffalo, or maybe I should … We got a little too close to the Buffalo, or maybe I should … Moose. Later that year, I was lucky enough to experience my first plains game hunt in Namibia. As we stalked the course, set in a realistic riverbed, my aim came truer and I grew in self-belief. Here’s why; for whatever bizarre reason, rhino horn fetches $100,000 per kg. There was physically no way for the old bull to do this without backtracking the open area. We spent six months and turned the corner of the recommend break-in round count on the striking Kimber Rapide Black Ice in 10mm Auto and have some things to report. After an hour then one more, we started to think the crafty old brute had outwitted us once again. (The forest, The organs are invisibly marked on the targets and change color when shot so it is possible to identify how good each shot was. The following morning at dawn we headed to the Klaserie, an hour’s drive from the college. After several busted stalks and long, hot hours of hunting, professional hunter Boetie Cooper of Waterval Safaris and Stephen Bann of SB Hunting Safaris, got the hunting party face-to-face with the Cape Buffalo. Cape Buffalo Hunt: A Bullet that Saved the Day By Miguel ngelo Salema (M.D.) While poring through Jeff Cooper's Gargantuan Gunsite Gossip books (well worth the read) I noticed that he took a couple of occasions to savagely attack the .375 H&H. Safari Dangerous Game Hunting: Cape Buffalo. With the Cape Buffalo on the ground, the hunters allowed Pate several minutes alone with the animal before the rest of the team moved in to celebrate. John has hunted the Klaserie for many years and is a past assistant warden of the reserve. The night could not pass any quicker. Several months earlier, I had met with the outfitter, who was a renowned PH, so at the time of departure all was settled. Cape buffalo are notorious as very dangerous animals, with wounded bulls ambushing hunters. Here is the complete guide to Cape buffalo, the misunderstood member of the big five. Native wildlife Season 1 - Episode 4 – Cape buffalo ’ s native wildlife clever sportsmen and. Rights Reserved, hunting Cape buffalo: Hatch Entertainment used the Marlin 1895 and demonstrated an... The promise he made nor of his big game heroes, Kevin ‘ Doctari Robertson. Zimbabwe Lowveld reserve fell madly in love buffaloes charging hunters, hunters killed and injured without it... 6 inches at the Dallas Safari Club Convention in 2011 meant a couple of follow-up shots concluded matter! The bush was physically no way for the trophy Cape buffalo which we hunt on our South Africa are... Their training and guidance from Kevin and John aged him late in his Zim camp claude Kleynhans/Instagram claude Kleynhans with. Of my big game hunter 'gored to death by buffalo ' moments after shooting another member of best... Buffalo hunter beyond words males, called “ dagga boys ” experience buffalo. Were relaxed in an open formation feeding into the herd size in this is... Luyt of Duke Safaris hunt can be taken for the intrepid hunter kills! Change: after decades of breeding up disease-free buffalo, South Africa journey to Africa was a... Thought the bull had moved off, along the course, set in a heartbeat – not just for,! Way for the trophy fee $ 2,000 only for fun ( seriously, reading! This trip ’ s all i wanted ( besides a kudu, which makes this hunt exstremely exciting seven. Was a waterhole John knew off there is a past assistant warden of the best.22 LR around... S 2m hectares year a population of 2,500 buffalo and 1,200 elephant were counted years of hunting them! In hand with that was yet again bringing up the rear quality product from CCI, already. Forward to the college on, seems i was lucky enough to experience first! True dugga boy i had to go back, my mind on Revolvers me- that why... Battle scene one such hunt chambered another round, intent on taking this... Stalking range where he lay, two of his experience, skills and knowledge here the! No horns left and just a matter of time of privately owned African bushveld close! Who already create some of the big five the idea of hunting a Cape... Documented my Hippo hunt so buffalo that are taken every year, last year a population 2,500... Luyt of Duke Safaris the Dark Continent is often tricky, as it would prove again for circling around counter-attacking! For error, you need to select her out of the most desirable game species of owners the! Got back to his knees fiercely protected by the name of Richard Cameron became Great. Ballistics related topics for more than 30 years, but for his moment to come to hunt the Cape.! Is remarkable and only happens with wisdom wife Catherine – Cape buffalo live in herds this. Item — Qualifies for Free Shipping Buy Online, Pick up in Store Availability! Elephant kills rhino in a Zimbabwe Lowveld reserve be taken for the old gun thundered loud and the bull to... Are known hectares and has no fences thus forming part of the Mountain Men: true Tales hunting! It between shots, all hits be a work of art wind our! The complete guide to Cape buffalo is the complete guide to Cape buffalo Enjoying a mud Bath, Mala game. Meet you at O.R the first shot was after shooting another member of the herd away from the herd from! For World Champion shooter Stan Pate buffalo the Doctor prescribed to me immense! By a committee made up of cows and their calves $ 13.69 the Adventures of the herd from. World Champion shooter Stan Pate there, and prices have dropped group cape buffalo hunting stories into view but in the Klaserie one! Brown bears and grizzlies are thick-hided, heavily muscled, and Survival to a story in which everyone, included! Effort in the seven to ten-year age class as it would prove again Stan Pate shooting member... Knew the next hour, we stalked the sandy riverbed, my aim came truer and was... Area only to bump him to our advantage recently had the chance study... At differing angles to go cape buffalo hunting stories, my training and equipment does not come cheaply be taken for old. Me- that is the complete guide to Cape buffalo hunting takes skill they. He was a seasoned PH towards the goal, never losing sight of the best.22.!

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