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Thank-you's were implied for advice given. You are taken from the biggeners eye through advanced scroll design. The DrawFrameControl function draws a frame control of the specified type and style. Often I've seen examples where a smaller scroll grows, and fills a space, back towards the point where the larger scroll it grows from begins. CSS-Tricks is hosted by Flywheel, the best WordPress hosting in the a decision I'm very happy with. Any other kind of SVG element won’t work (e.g. Scrolls should also grow away from the point of origin. The application can then use the associated bitmap as the hbmMask parameter to the MaskBlt function, or it can use the device context as a parameter to the BitBlt function using ROPs such as SRCAND and SRCINVERT. About the time I thought I was starting to get pretty good ( I wasn't, I just thought I was) I got a real straight forward cut to the chase critique from someone I really looked up to. I am a true beginner and I am still struggeling with just about every aspect of engraving. I also A Clue scroll sends the player on Treasure Trails, a series of clues leading towards a buried treasure.Clue scrolls can be randomly dropped by various monsters, found while pickpocketing H.A.M. This is great. Again, this is wrong. I'm convinced that anyone can learn the art. arg2 A pointer to a RECTstructure that contains the logical coordinates of the bounding rectangle for frame control. The type of frame control to draw. ...There are also less experienced engravers producing better scroll work then 10 or 15 year engravers out there. ShopTalk is a podcast all about front-end web design and development. When I look back now that was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I can't see very many situations where someone has been misguided, but when the ego is bigger than that desire to be accurate, you have someone hard to train and that person is his own failure walking. *May or may not contain any actual "CSS" Then you can move it such that it covers the entire path again, which makes it appear as if it’s drawing … This flag can only be combined with DFCS_MENUARROWUP or DFCS_MENUARROWDOWN. You must log in or register to reply here. This is used with right-to-left languages such as Arabic or Hebrew. Right on Marcus. Thanks Sam. Enclose one end of the scroll using an oval to connect the curved lines. Castle Valley, UT in the Red Rock country, 5mi from the nearest Dunkin Donuts in Tennessee. This board and Sam's tips have been of great help to me and I want to thank everyone that participates. CodePen is a place to experiment, debug, and show off your HTML, CSS, and for local development. You may need to resort to trickery like adding an additional vector point along an already straight edge. I've used WordPress since day one all the way up to v17, JavaScript creations. Modems were 300bps on dial-up service and you paid by the minute. I’m not sure why. Marcus I have been on this board for a while now and have posted some of my work. Thats when I just sit down and cut. I want true and straight forward comments from those that are qualified to give it and that is the one thing I know I can count on you for, honesty. If the function succeeds, the return value is nonzero. I must add that conflicting and/or confusing information, here on these forums, is not strictly limited to the inexperienced .... the gurus have added their share as well. You're right Rex. arg1 A handle to the device context of the window in which to draw the control. Submenu arrow pointing left. I tried adding it on my website but it seems not to work in IE8 and Safari. business, with a local development tool to match. You received your information via email from mailing lists; or you actually had your modem dial a phone number, often long distance, to access information on a "bulletin board" set up by an individual. I would like to drop back and add to some earlier posts in this thread. The dashed-line stroke technique is very clever, looking forward to playing around with it. I am sure that you would be a great chap to sit and have a drink with. This is used for the right-to-left cascading menus used with right-to-left languages such as Arabic or Hebrew. The tech stack for this site is fairly boring. They would critique my work, but were awful gentle about how they did it. Frontend Masters has an incredible course on all things CSS and SVG animation from CSS-Tricks own Sarah Drasner. As a novice to this whole adventure, I find your points well taken, and do study Mr. Smith's book regularly- it's all good! It’s a clever trick where you use dashed lines for the stroke, but the gap in the dash is so long it covers the entire path. This comment thread is closed. leverage Jetpack for extra functionality and Local This parameter can be one of the following values. Al Gore had not yet invented the World Wide Web. Sorry, the website is, Thank you was looking for something like this for about a month now. Trying to drink in all the information and apply it can be over whelming. That's a good thing! If uType is DFC_MENU, uStatecan be one of th… In the "original" rules of netiquette, me-toos, attaboys, and one-liners were frowned upon. 2. Any suggestions? Everything from which graver for what cut and how to sharpen that graver, design, transfer metheods, etc. or "Tricks". I was about to object to your use of the word cynic; but before I did that I thought I'd look it up. The most useful critiques are those that have three elements. The over head birds eye view of a Sam while he is drawing gives the viewer an excellent view of what is going on at the point of the pencil. Coyier and a team of swell people. See the Pen Scroll Drawing by Chris Coyier (@chriscoyier) on CodePen. Please forgive me in advance if anything I say might sound abrupt or won't massage any egos but sometimes I see work which could be so much better if the engraver had a little more understanding of the fundamentals of scrollwork. If the function fails, the return value is zero. So as not to highjack another thread I though I'd better start another one. A handle to the device context of the window in which to draw the control. You can force elements to be paths though. If I have to say more, then I should not. I wouldn't blame it on the instructors however, as it takes two to tango, but I do see the same thing you see. The initial state of the frame control. Paper Scroll. If uType is DFC_CAPTION, uState can be one of the following values. If you have important information to share, please, an incredible course on all things CSS and SVG animation. The 0.99 is to account for fuzzy math. Size grip in lower-right corner of window. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The background remains untouched. I have a long way to go before I can have bragging rights. Image for radio button (nonsquare needs image), Mask for radio button (nonsquare needs mask). If uType is either DFC_MENU or DFC_BUTTON and uState is not DFCS_BUTTONPUSH, the frame control is a black-on-white mask (that is, a black frame control on a white background). Then you can move it such that it covers the entire path again, which makes it appear as if it’s drawing itself. However, (here it comes), after thirty years of marriage to the same woman, I have discovered that quite often it is better to say things like, that really looks good on you, you are perfect, you are so beautiful. If uType is DFC_SCROLL, uState can be one of the following values. This parameter can be one of the following values. arg3 The type of frame control to draw. Ha, I literally just finished that part of the “Animating SVG with CSS” course on treehouse (enjoying the course so far). It boils down to the fact that everyone is different and that engraving is an artistic expression and a very personal one at that. The related posts above were algorithmically generated and displayed here without any load on my server at all, thanks to Jetpack. Generally, any scroll that grows from another should (if possible) be smaller. Scroll illustrations and clipart (207,144). It sure sent me back to earth. Very well said. When I was just getting going I had a several fellows who were trying to help me. We’ve taken an in-depth look at how SVG line drawing works before. Most of the time it helps me understand some of the things that those that are sharing their knowledge on this are trying to give us beginners.

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