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• Harley Franco has been long a thing only in nightmare to innocuous squishies who just wants to farm and peacefully roam the land of dawn to enjoy hot springs and butterflies in the bush. • Barats To stop his S1 chase and S3 blink/dash you will need a Khufra in the team, his S2 knocks Gusion off everyday and breaks any combo Gusion has in mind. • Roger For every 50 damage inflicted upon Beleric, he has a 25% chance to attack in the direction o the nearest enemy unit, dealing Magic Damage equal to 120-260 + (0.8% of his max HP), Read – Mobile Legends: The complete beginners guide. • Vale Inside the Esports Menu,  Chou is purchasable by 88,000 GC (Guess Coins) through Guess Coins Reward Exchange. • Freya It’ll also be a big support to my next Mobile Legends guide about Gear Counters. • Vale Khufra on the other hand is able to prevent Granger from dashing away and interrupt his skills with ease. • Hanabi Chou/Helcurt can give Kimmy a hard time farming, Aurora can show Kimmy how to build a snowman somewhere else very fast, Gusion/Ling or Hayabusha won’t allow her a chance to run away. • Tigreal • Saber A total of 101 heroes are currently available at the moment in both original and advance server, and they all fall under one among the 6 classes – Tank , Fighter , Assassin , Mage , Marksman  , and Support . • Minsitthar • Thamuz • Karrie • Alucard Unnamed Hero who may possibly look similar to Yasson race. • Lesley Barats was not only one renamed himself, but also his partner. His mobility, high crit, fast farming are extremely valuable to team composition that enjoys early snowball. Towards late game, most Lings could have already secured 10+ kills and he will quickly cross any ADC and squishies off the list as soon as they came alive. If anything Masha loves more than destroying all the enemy turrets, it’s Turtles and Lords. Speaking of swamp let me quickly introduce myself so you can study this guide with confidence, knowing that you are in the good holy hands; and at the end you will gain at least 5% more win-rate for this season (before any lag discount, afk coupon or feeders and trolls). • Lapu-Lapu • Estes • Rafaela We are constantly looking for the best writers and most passionate mobile gamers to join our crew of writers. Last but not least, Baxia’s passive can negate Claude’s lifesteal from Demon Hunter Sword and he’s also one of the tankiest heroes against attack-speed based marksman. To counter this tyrant, you need to separate him from his team since he’s not as tanky as other tanks. The latter has the most number of abilities with 5, surpassing Zhask (with 4). Hey it has been a pretty long read, hasn’t it? • Khufra Another option to increase the winning chance is having Wanwan as a marksman due to her S2 is able to purify, plus her dashing ability allows a safe escape from Mino and his team. She was always jealous when she saw Hayabusa spend time with Kagura. I…. • Freya Cecilion’s burst damage could take down reckless squishy and nearby enemies from early game to late battles without missing a high note –provided that you learn to manage his mana consumption effectively (let it cools down after 3 stacks). • Karina Hylos’s ulti also provides a quick escape for allies when Grock attempts to finish off his low HP opponents. • Claude In general, Belerick is weak against high burst early game and very efficient against dps-based heroes (damage per second) such as Claude, Wanwan, Masha for example. • Jawhead Enemy team tend to gather their moves on the trapped opponent, Silvanna included, and that provides opportunity for Tigreal executing successful S2 and S3 for a 5-man AoE wipeout. Ruby fits in most team composition, just like Chou, but she isn’t often picked as much as Chou due to the lack of escaping skill. • Sun Crowd Control wins games. However, keep in mind that Franco’s ultimate is a suppress and not a stun, hence it cannot be canceled in any way. If your end game is achieving Mythical Glory by any means, one of the prices you have to pay is to learn how to draft-pick efficiently –starting from Epic rank. Please allow us for that. • Moskov Hence Aurora or Franco can keep him immobilized monetarily, or even further distance him from his team and buy time for allies to finish off. However, any hard CC hero who equips with Necklace of Durance or Sea Halbert stands very a good chance of rendering Uranus helpless. Khufra is also a decent pick, his S1/S2 blocks Ling’s attempt to jump back on a wall and along with S3 will keep Ling around for awhile –this is when allies should realize Ling is a glass cannon and must take action immediately. When you realize you are a Natalia counter. There are a total of 15 kinds of specialties, namely Regen, Crowd Control, Control, Reap, Charge, Chase, Push, Damage, Mixed Damage, Magic Damage, Burst, Poke, Initiator, Guard, and Support. Counters to Hero properties Mobility Aldous with 300 stacks can go roaming around wrecking havoc to your ADCs, let alone one with 500 stacks. • Roger • Layla They are the ones who shift the hero picks for every game you play, forcing you to try your luck around with multiple heroes, and making the matchup more intense. The S2 jumps and knocks up is essentially Guinevere’s bread and butter so if she missed it, anyone could run away from her follow-up ultimate with ease. Grock’s wall could tactically block Johnson’s S3, while Hylos S3 or Diggie S3 allows his teammates to retreat safely from the car crash. • Yi Sun-Shin Khufra can block her escape route with his S2, followed by S1 and S3 which should be more than enough to break her combo. I hope you’d enjoy its guidance. Meta heroes are usually the recently released ones or recently buffed ones, with overpowering skills, or naturally, the ones that most commonly or very rarely banned in Draft Pick-Ranked Game. Your email address will not be published. In the future, some bonuses might be given to other pairs/groups of related heroes, such as S.A.B.E.R. However just like any assassin, he has low HP pool and he needs to be in and out quickly for the job. The most feared marksman in the Land of Dawn since her first release. However just like Hayabusha, Masha’s ability to push fast is also her great weakness. Lesley, Granger, WanWan can poke Kimmy to no end if play from a safe distance since Kimmy normal attack range is the smallest. • Baxia • Gusion • Yu Zhong In fact, it might be Esmeralda's ancestor instead, or a fellow astrologer. • Martis This squad rivals S.A.B.E.R., is in control of the metropolitan city, Zlatan. For Luo Yi, Yi may disambiguate the name from. • Alpha Low key counter: Hylos, Belerick, Uranus are one of the few tanks who aren’t really afraid of Kimmy. Almost every other hero only got minor reworks of some sort in their model, portrait, or skills, or were changed only in early stages of the game (Miya, Tigreal,...) and were left, basically untouched since then. Each time the magical bouncing ball hits the ground, it will deal Magic Damage equal to 50 plus 5(+2%Extra Physical Attack) of max HP to enemies nearby and reduce their movement speed. Last but not least, Diggie’s ultimate is essentially life-saving for everyone who got frozen by Aurora’s passive. Each of these classes have their unique stats and abilities, and some of them are stronger than others, whilst the same is weaken to certain other roles. Just like many other Most Effective Tactics Available heroes, X-Borg always finds himself somewhere between allies and enemies’ ban list. Guinevere, however, might be engaged by agreement to one of Gusion's brothers. Kite away from Hylos’ Ring of Punishment. Eudora, Aurora, Harley provides burst damage that is also useful in taking out this fierce ADC. A Hero is a legendary being or person who has been summoned to wage battle in Mobile Legends. • Gusion • Nana eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'gamingonphone_com-leader-1','ezslot_8',118,'0','0'])); Baxia activates the “Baxia Mark” permanently, reduce the final damage received by 35At the same time, Baxia will reduce the regen effect of enemies hit by his skills by 30% for 4s. • Saber Despite his useful kit that has great CCs, Franco isn’t as tanky as he looks –on top of that he has no escape/speed up skill like Grock, Hylos, Mino or Belerick. Additional lines of the hero can be found in their skill descriptions. • Diggie Enemies also often avoid clash when they noticed Mino is in full rage which renders him inefficient. Or did we miss some important picks? • Dyrroth • Chou Despite her 3 HP bars, Masha can be burst down quite easily by Lunox, Kagura or Guinevere once she got CC’ed. • Chang'e You will be able to know who I am, based on the highest death count. Her S2 slows him and S3 gives decent damage as well as a stun, which then usually followed by Execute. • Atlas Tickets start at around 299 , maxing at 749 , while Diamond packages start at 250 and max at almost 599 . • Esmeralda The game rewards you with some early Battle Points in order to buy your first few heroes and not to be stuck with the same heroes to play. However, she still spreads fear and dominance in epic rank given the opportunity. • Vexana Picking up left over HP Balls was the wisest decision. These warriors are the chevaliers of the Moniyan Empire and they ought to protect its glory and fight the Abyssal Demons. • Vexana By grouping enemies together in a small area, it allows allies to take out the healer as fast as possible (often very squishy). To remedy her wraith, Diggie’s ulti once again provides significant life-saving purification for the team if they ever got stuck in Guinevere’s combo. Despite their squad name, none of the members' (Vespid, Emperor Scorpion, Nephila, Octopus or Monitor Lizard) venoms are actually neither fatal nor harmful enough, to humans or any other creatures, to cause certain death. • Franco • Lolita Also even though Masha can practically disarm Wanwan and prevent her from dashing for a brief moment, Wanwan has a built-in purify and she can quickly gain control of the situation again. Resistances will reduce the amount of damage in this case; nonetheless, Heroes like Lunox, Wanwan or Valir have an easier time dealing with tanky enemies than most of their rivals. • Hilda • Carmilla • Harith • Clint If your team don’t have anyone who can play Baxia, you could hope someone would play Luo Yi. *You may see links to @Land of Dawn.com throughout this article. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. • Dyrroth Chou gains short Immunity while using his 2nd skill, the same is true for Ling‘s ultimate. Especially painful for most Marksmen and Mages, a good Lolita will shield her teammates from any harm whether it’s Granger’s bullets or Chang’e’s star shower. • Hylos As of October 16th, 2020 | Patch 1.5.16, there are currently 99 heroes in the original server, with the latest being Brody | The Lone Star .

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