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Sam must deal with the Beached Things, bandits, and terrorists that stand in his way as he travels from one location to the next. The game plays a lot like Cruisin’ USA in that you…

Use Drake's power and agility to slow down the action, fire guns in any direction, and run and backflip off of walls. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon isn't the most beloved series under the Clancy umbrella, and Breakpoint doesn't give the series the leap it needs. A few reviews here and there say the game has potential, and that it's well worth the free price tag. You've almost got to cut this mediocre party… You never know what might be hiding behind you. While the graphics have a certain vibrancy, they don’t meet the quality standards for their time. Top-notch teamwork and an arsenal of badass weapons are the keys to defeating your enemies and bringing order back to the world. Past the front page, stamped with the latest releases of 2017, beyond the articles of new cinema, and even further than reviews of this decade's hottest music, there is a list of the worst-rated games on Metacritic of all time. Collect enough to open this gate, you get more Stardust, which let you get Keystars faster, which lets you get more Stardust!!! While some might have been drawn in by the prospect of a free racing game on Xbox, it wasn't long before we that Yaris collected in other ways. Discover 'Fighter Within,' the next-gen game that provides you with the excitement of a real fight, throwing you into a total-body combat experience. Plus, there weren't even any dragons. It looks and sounds like one of those pound shop superhero action figures: you can kind of make out that they were going for Spider-Man, but ended up with a hunk of cheap plastic crap. Rather than take on a more traditional shooter perspective, this 2014 release was a rail shooter that takes players through every film, right through Rambo III. 'Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust' is a rollicking, innuendo-laden lampoon of Hollywood that features open-world sandbox gameplay that includes exploration, platforming, racing and puzzle-solving to complete missions. Now look at the screenshot.

Each level, with all its puzzles, enemies, and elements, are randomly generated. This isn't a negative, however. The game’s pick-up and play style promises to appeal to experienced and new gamers alike. The graphics resemble a cheaper version of the engine used by the Borderlands franchise, but without the originality or vibrancy.

The original, the studio offered refunds to all those who bought it. November Preview: 19 TV Shows & New Movies to Watch at Home, The 25 Best Console Launch Games (Since 2000), Notable Video Game Releases: New and Upcoming, Music title data, credits, and images provided by, Movie title data, credits, and poster art provided by. ", Plot summary (from Metacritic): "An all new version of the classic Midway arcade racer, 'Cruis’n'. Players will compete in Tennis, Boxing, Archery, Paintball, Beach Volleyball, Dodge Ball, Kendo, Mogul Skiing, Snowboard Cross and even Figure Skating. The game revolves around stealth missions that involve getting around the camp during the search. Linked directly to your vehicle, your body will be pushed to the limit in a variety of high-speed tracks.

@media (max-width:767px){.css-4n1las{display:none;}}More Like This@media (min-width:768px){.css-1s8mc50{display:none;}}More Like This.

", Plot summary (from Metacritic): "Here's your chance to wield the power of Aquaman, the DC Comics superhero, as he defends the deep-sea city of Atlantis against such enemies as Ocean Master, Black Manta, and the Lava Lord of the Fire Trolls. Unbearable camera and combat controls, painfully poor graphics, shoddy storyline, badly designed AI, and misogynistic themes are just some of the criticisms made by users and critics alike.

With a name like this, a certain vision comes to mind; a Mad Max-esque world of high speed driving, adrenaline-fueled action, and no small number of fiery explosions. Considering the sub-genre is so popular, 2019 was yet another great year of open-world games. We all love a good racing game. The game received universally negative reviews for aesthetics alone, since the sound effects and voice acting were far below the standard for the time. It was praised for its commitment to the original game as well as the adorable art style.

", Plot summary (from Metacritic): "In this third-person adventure game, Larry takes a summer job working on his uncle Larry’s movie lot doing odd jobs and trying to uncover a mole from another studio who threatens to air the studio's dirty laundry in the tabloids. Above are the lowest-scoring games released for any platform between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019. , and discontinued sale of the game. They tried many times for the iOS and one less-than-optimal result of that was Call of Duty: Strike Team. Then, there are things called Keystars, which unlock the famous Magical Gate. To those looking for depth and compelling storyline, it is a huge disappointment. That's the question I immediately asked myself when SPOGS Racing crossed my path during the research phase of this article. Now Hiro must become a Master of the Elements and complete the Trials of Earth, Wind, Water and Fire. ), the overall execution and implementation needed work. An added feature is the Crash ‘N Grab, allowing riders to crash into each other to steal spare parts. The combat quickly turns repetitive with little variation between levels. RELATED: Call of Duty Warzone: 10 Tips For Completing Contracts Faster. Rated 11/100 on Metacritic, there are no winners in Family Party: 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade.

While certain ideas of the game were good (can you think of a successful franchise involving supernatural assassins? The goal is to collect Stardust, which lets you upgrade your bike and allows you to move faster. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation.

Another issue was the depressing visuals and audio, causing players to end each race with a general sadness inside. RELATED: Link's Awakening: 5 Ways It's Easier Than The Original GameBoy Game (& 5 Ways It's Harder). At the same time, it's too streamlined yet frustrating due to the poor mission designs. There’s a whole list of unique aesthetics Ride to Hell fails to capture with its shoddy visual design and unoriginal gameplay. That's because it's strategy game where players build a base and manage resources from a top-down perspective. 'Charlie's Angels' movie stars — Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, Drew Barrymore, and Bernie Mac — supply the voices. These are the best ones according to Metacritic.

A relatively recent release (2017), on the new Nintendo Switch no less, this game joins the ranks of others on this list as an undebatably terrible game. Sega games have always been a bit of a mixed bag. Something to stand out from the crowd.

Players are able to freely roam the vast 1899 western world, participating in various heists, shootouts, and other activities to keep them busy. His mastery of the four elements is strong, but not yet powerful enough to face the fifth element: the Void. ", Plot summary (from Metacritic): "'Stalin vs. Martians,' as the name suggests, is a game both absolutely ridiculous and over-the-top.

Can you stop him before he annihilates two entire planets?! ", Plot summary (from Metacritic): "'Family Party: 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade' brings home wacky and wild competitions for kids of all ages.". Mascaritas of the Lost Code' is a game so utterly devoid of challenge that actually calling it a game almost seems too generous. Vibrant graphics, a compelling story, unique characters, etc. However, the generic shooter gameplay does get repetitive and the lack of solid plot gives you little reason to keep playing.

It’s a joke, at the expense of the player. The game also features a dungeon creator where players can customize a dungeon and complete it for rewards. The frustrating and clunky control scheme, coupled with psychologically torturous voice acting, is enough to make any player lock away their console forever and switch to board games. An utterly stupid, broken attempt at creating a biker-focused GTA-style game, Ride To Hell: Retribution seems like it might be so bad it's actually rather entertaining. Plus, the primary protagonist of the film franchise, Dominic Toretto, isn’t even in the game, so it comes as no surprise it earned a 22/100 on Metacritic (this is the average console score, on the 3DS it earned a 50/100).

Of course, Activision wouldn't give up after several bad reviews regarding the mobile iterations of Call of Duty. This Metroidvania game stars The Penitent One, a knight who is traveling the fictional region of Cvstodia. If a reviewer has labelled your game as "insulting" and an "absolute travesty", it's probably time to go back to the drawing board. Given the prolific nature of the Call of Duty franchise, it's no wonder that a some are considered to be the worst of the series on Metacritic.

Instead, what we've got here is something slightly more scientific: Reviews aggregation site Metacritic compiles all reviews of games, then it averages those scores into an overall average. However, the mix of various genres and lack of variety throughout the game make it fall short of its predecessors. Here are some of the best and worst games according to Metacritic. It's not a bad game because of that considering Finest Hour is a console-only title back in 2004. ", Platform(s): Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Mobile, Plot summary (from Metacritic): "Hop into a Toyota Yaris and drive it on crazy tracks loaded with stubborn obstacles, cool powerups, and intense enemy action. Call of Duty's publisher took advantage of this. It’s good example of a solid game in the imagination phase, but terrible in implementation.

Video games: They're generally pretty good! Some even say it’s not worth the 20-second download time. Will you rise up to the challenge? The game is a first-person shooter that can be played online with up to three people, which should've worked, but it was panned for feeling unfinished in the eyes of critics, with specific criticisms focused on dull gameplay and various technical problems. Control and level design were wonky. You can upgrade your weaponry, as well as the car itself going from a 3-door liftback all the way up to a fancy 4-door S Sedan. RELATED: Call Of Duty Warzone: 5 Reasons Why You Should Lay Low Early On (& 5 Ways Being Aggressive Helps). ", Plot summary (from Metacritic): "KISS fans will be disappointed by the distinct lack of KISS, and pinball fans will be disappointed by the distinct lack of pinball. Now success depends on you. While the game attempts to deliver on it all, it is held back by numerous technical glitches and poor design unfaithful to the aesthetic of the previous two games in the series. What’s more fun than cracking open a cold one with the boys (or your parents?) Rambo is yet another failed game based on a successful film.

- into play against the villainous Vilius and his Corrupted Army. as you spend the night betraying, humiliating, and dominating each other in a virtual world of heart-racing mini-games and fickle RNG. What once was a celebrated survival horror trailblazer has slipped over the years. The game was praised for its beautiful environment and exciting gameplay.

Gamers control their SPOGS as they try their best to smash into their opponents to steal upgraded parts on-the-fly in the title's innovative Crash 'N Grab gameplay. Journalist at GAMINGbible who still quite hasn’t gotten out of my mid 00’s emo phase. The joy that comes with unwrapping a crisp, sealed case, opening a fresh cartridge, or simply watching gameplay videos while the game downloads on Steam. ", Plot summary (from Metacritic): "Head out on a journey of redemption, driven by bitter-sweet revenge. The driver’s heart is connected to his or her vehicle. There are various night skies in this world, and it is the work of Magical Girls to collect Stardusts there. Repetitive combat and glitchy mechanics plague the uninspired storyline. It's winner-take-all as the world's best brawl for supremacy. Team up and take control of Jimmy and Billy, whose looks and actions are modernized.

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