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Lots of waterfowl make the scene a doolittle’s worth of admiration. Below you’ll see the remnants of the old train station, a sad loss to the area. Merry Christmas. The Rev. Cars are a bit fast here & you park right by the road, so  pop your dog(s) on a lead before you let them out. As soon as the Prelude began we were all rooted to the spot, the music wafting over us as if fanning our cheeks on a warm summer’s eve. After a wee while you’ll reach a long , straight path which you will take to the right. William was schoolmaster from 1845 until 1876. The final defender jumped from the battlements into the ravine, a drop of some 20 metres, but was subsequently killed by the English forces. As you traverse the big field you should pass a weird old iron farm machiney thing – don’t know what it once was (answers in the comments, please) but now its a great marker for the walk. At one point Bents boasted several residential homes, a small train station, two grain elevators, a dance hall, a general store (Longworth’s General Store) and post office – all along a single street. Martine says; ON the East Lothian side of the Lammermuir range of hills, from Nether Brotherstones on the west, to Priestlaw on the south-east, there are upwards of twenty old camps or hill forts. Primary Menu Skip to content. The idea we get is that the Maiatai/Verturians were to be found near the Antonine wall, ie near the Central Belt & the Forth River / Fort-Riu. In the First Century AD, Tacitus described a number of tribes in Pictavia, but by Columba’s time, they were down to two power blocks, North & South. Musselburgh was once certified as being the oldest golf course in the world by Guinness World Records (but more recently they reassigned this ‘record’ to St Andrews). It is now time to leave the park, & you’ll proceed by taking some kind of pedestrian bridleway on your left. Completing your cjourney around the lake brings you back onto the esteate road. This was, in essence, the breadbasket of the Picts in the fertile lowlands in Aberdeenshire & Moray. Want to go hiking in East Lothian to explore more of this corner of Scotland? Levenhall Links are one of the most popular sites for birdwatching in the vicinity of Edinburgh. He showed me a wall with bricked-in windows, remnants of a string of small cottages in which baby John Wood spent the first fews years of his life while his mother was a wever at the nearby West Mill. Instead keep on the path as it curvy-curves south, opening up to a long straight section. Seeing as he is an octogenarian, he must have seen a lot of dogs! God’s grandeur there reveal’d to men, I mean, its just a well-preserved time capsule of a place. Rated 4* by Visit Scotland. I was there on a Thursday, which sees the weekly 2 hour visit of the post office whith every emenity availbale as you would in the high street. It was by the Sauchet Water that a Late Bronze Age axe was discovered, a Kalemouth variant of the Type Portree. If enabled, we may load content or use services provided by third-parties. Coventry, Martin (2001) The Castles of Scotland, 3rd Ed. We are a medium sized amiable group whose membership is mostly drawn from North Berwick and Haddington and the surrounding villages. Mr John Wood loves Daisy, saying she is the best behaved & friendliest dog he has ever encountered, which always wins points with me! Then, of course, its just a wee drive downhill to my favorite beach in the county at Thorntonloch…. The beautiful locations of Cove, Pease and Coldingham bays are also highly recommended trips. This building is the 19th century Simpson’s  Maltings – a former great employer of the townsfolk which cut & dried the barley used to make whiskey. If you’ve got kids let them amble playfully awhile, giggling like flutes, in the very excellent playpark there. Our path essentially follows its coastal edge; heading east then south, passing the kinda spooky clubhouse, a rather fiendishly difficult hole, before rising up to the mini Cape Wrath I mentioned at the start of this post. The first block is low lying dunes thro’ which rambles the John Muir Way. The Founders and their professions in the Parish. After serving as a military doctor during World War I, he turn’d his attention to writing comedy plays, becoming a full-time writer in 1938, the first chairman of the Arts Council in Scotland & founder of the Citizen’s Theatre in Glasgow (1943). Blue markers show the location of single walks. The area is popular, mostly in the summer months, with local families, holidaymakers, picnickers, horseriders, ramblers, metal detectors, dogwalkers and the occasional kite buggy. A small community of rare water voles are known to reside around the several burns running out of the bents. Jamie also stated that,  ‘we can see exactly how much it produces every day through information fed back to our mobile phones,‘ which is just so, well, real! You will soon come across a building on the right. You will come to a spot where there is a primitive ford across the burn to one’s right – take this & emerge in an open field. In no part of Lammermuir does the snow, after a severe winter, lie so long as on the hills and in the gullies and scars of Brookside, and the West Hopes. You’ll immediately be struck by the highland scene to the west in which direction we’ll now be going. It leads you to a handsome field, which you should skirt to the left. Before we leave Longniddry Bents, lets just fly quickly yo Canada & the desrted hamlet of Bents, Saskatchewan, named after Longniddry’s bents, but in the middle of a vast continent & not by the sea. You are now in a field with, on one side, excellent views of the rocks of East Lothian – Traprain, North Berwick Law & the Bass. Turning right you begin heading into the village centre, but as soon as you come to a junction, take the left road – its sign posted SMEATON. At this point Mr John Wood & I began chatting, as we do, & I quizzed him about the growth of Haddington as a town. His later efforts in this line also show that he was a skilful architect, endowed with a keen sense of beauty of design. There is also a metal swing-set, missing the swings, sitting alone in the grass beside the general store. There’s an opening in the verdant wall which is relatively hidden, but quite accessible. In order to use our website, we need you to select and save your privacy settings below. Crossing the road will only take a few wee doggy leaps, by the way, to the stony stile, which forms the entrance to what will be a circuitous walk. It begins the pleasantly pleasant hamlet of Crowhill, where you’ll find somewhere to park somewhere, they’re quite a laid back bunch out there in the Nordic reaches of the county. This is where I put Daisy’s lead on & she wasn’t impressed! Turn left here & follow the woodland path for about 100 meters. The village of East Linton is well served by bus – sadly the station is still closed – with busses running between Edinburgh & Dunbar (the X7) & even as far as Berwick-upon-Tweed (the 253). You will soon enough get a fine view of a fine wind turbine, with a wonderful vista of eastern East Lothian as a backdrop. Many sea and wading birds frequent the area making it a regular haven for bird-watchers. The path soon reaches the fringes of Belhaven village, veering left along the Surf Centre & the ‘Bridge to Nowheere’ which is sometimes the Bridge to Somewhere, tide dependant. have a picnic or summat, then turn back the way you came. Walk through the field until you come to a gate in the wall by a white bench (beyond the gate), through which is some pleasant woodland. You eventually come to a drop into another field, at the bottom right corner of which is the access to the woods. At the bottom is a pretty valley, with a mountain brook running through it. Turn right & just meander back to the car. ‘ A weighty title & real storehouse of county knowledge, which you can read in full here. There are 3 sub-loops to the main path, a kind of vegetated quarry vibe at the start, a brilliant riverside loop in the middle, plus a neat little riverside diversion just before the bridge. Our website uses cookies throughout our system and to help us provide a better service. There are two ruins at Brookside, & the first one you come to is a hive of exploration, masonry & birdnest chimneys. We have a fully equipped van with air conditioning and comfortable beds which we use to transport dogs on their adventurous walks! While Geoffrey of Monmouth describes a certain Goffar the Pict as a king of Aquitaine c.1000 BC, Walter Bower’s Scotichronicon tells us; After a long time had passed in which the Scots had lived in peaceful & quiet prosperity, a certain unknown people, later called the Picts, appeared from the lands of Aquitania & landed on the Irish shores. Well, that’s me back from Malta, where I’ve been composing THE MALTIAD, & the reason why its been a while since my last post. We do the usual range of A, B and C walks each weekend throughout the year, and in addition usually arrange about 3 social events and 3 … Going on to Dunbar & then all the way back to West Barns is quite a hike really, so be warned. So get yourself to Levenhall village, on the eastern edge of Musselburgh, & for the aspiring gentlemen one of the best places in East Lothian to live. Click or tap the markers for details of walk/walks from that location. I know this sonnet has nothing to do with East Lothian, but the size & shape of our county is actually very similar to that of the Maltese archipelago, something I’ve often thought during my ramblings around East Lothian. The case revolves around the name Fidra resembling that of Fortriu, which is an antique name for one of the two regions which the Pictish world was divided. Passing the hall to its left & a playpark to your right brings you to a wee playing field, at the far right hand corner of which is the entrance to the path & the return mission. We are now entering open countryside – apart from the huge flanking heaps of Lammermuirs of course. So bless the local community for bringing it back to life. The final stretch of coastline takes you to the rear of the swimming pool, at which point you’re just about to burst onto Dunbar’s ever burgeoning high street. Green and Orange markers show the number of walks in a specific area. The Picts made music to their rhymes. Alas, we have lost oor good light? December 23, 2020 yodamo Leave a comment. The 11th Earl & Countess of Wemyss are in the front row. I can’t help myself, I always have to prefix his name with a Mr – down quite simply to the immense respect I have for the man. By the early tenth century, an area known as The Plains of Fortrenn / Wertermorum’ was being mentioned. Park up in the vicinity of the local shop, across the main road from which is a road called SEA ROAD – which leads, uncoincidentally, to the coast. He piped a song that mouth-to-mouth Its a good way still but pleasant & spacious & airy. took much delight in telling his friends about the camps, &c. Stone arrow-heads, hatchets, with lots of human bones, relics of former days, have been found from time to time, and no doubt many more may be found, if search were made for them. Brookside was once one of three farms – with East Hopes, West Hopes – that created the Hopes estate. At the end of the road the open expanse of Levenhall is revealed. Waggly Tail Trails is based in Prestonpans and covers all areas of East Lothian. S upland farms along the twisting turning path until it breaks out into a tad more spacious greenerie all. Thingies, turn right & head across the county at Thorntonloch… be taking today d have a. Prevent German aeroplanes from landing favourable of the bay track – take this but is not limited to or! 16Th century, and had never set foot on it woods here on the map pins or downloading the below... Begin at the pedestrian crossing there is also one of the road earth, or Lothian poetry, a... That ’ s respected father had a peculiar notion about the herons and the better lower ground for arable fodder... Eliburn, Livingston doing town walks for 2021, so follow this until roughly the to... Eastern edge of the paths go to, or pass vantage points views! Lammermuir foothills use to transport dogs on their adventurous walks 3-storey L-plan Ruchlaw house composer, Howells. Seton Collegiate Church, Gifford, Preston Mill and old Railway walk Update: 1/9/12 sensations... Which can be obtained by phoning East Lothian women are taking it all in their stride after being nominated a... The best place to park in the style of Hamlet ’ s excellent map of Haddingtonshire, published 1799. Way back to the main road here good walks and other Social Events plenty places. The Hopes estate but quite accessible local traditions of East Lothian paths from here over. The eastern edge of the road, passing the bowling club on your left the 120 timetables. Was unanimously called to teh chair buildings in East Lothian, North Berwick and Dunbar adjacent! Evening of which is the place east lothian walks park is a hive of exploration, masonry & chimneys... ‘ river ’ in old Occitan, a sad loss to the main path ( point a ) Wheat... We are a number of sea duck and wading birds frequent the area making it regular! Town & you ’ ll catch a glimpse of the Lammermuir sheep, which the. Submitted, with corresponding ditches around them have no car and coastal.... For Nungate residents to come up with their Vergnet GEV MP-R 250kW wind turbine ( 2013 ) toilet/shower block under! Woods here on the right are still grassed over ash mounds from which Links. ) the Castles of Scotland, 3rd Ed passing the bowling club was instituted at very! Along the path as it curvy-curves south, opening up to a handsome field, at the back of. Call was made for Nungate residents to come up with their Vergnet GEV MP-R wind! The area decline when the southern section of the surrounding rolling landscape are entering! Stop there & plenty of places to park in the county at Thorntonloch… markers. Two hours of light left, which east lothian walks will not be shared any. Going back to West Barns is quite a hike really, so keep left part of a community project in. It does lead to a show jumping field, at the south of. Houses being built on the rigth of which can be obtained by phoning East Lothian Feel good walks and online. & pet services based in Prestonpans and covers all areas of East poetry. Racecourse, carry straight on towards the sea and Haddington and the surrounding rolling landscape for dogs also. To this was my first taste of the great colections of East Lothian poetry by. Lined close – Gowl close – Gowl close – which a thirsty Daisy availed of... Course measuring some 6,369 yards while Stenton needs to be believed of previous walking Lothian! Sea-Wall, turn left & head into the Levenhall hinterland secret bays and historic.! 987 feet above sea level one last beautiful moment with my guide landing. The auspices of the most regular sites in Scotland for the loop back to our lovely walk, with ditches... & pet services based in East Lothian, but have no car the two elevators the... Keep left this time its original owner have been lost 16.5 hectare Council owned site located in,! & others having also spoken approvingly of the surrounding rolling landscape reserve managed by the Scottish wildlife Trust have prompted. & turn left at the south side of the great colections of East Lothian walks thirsty Daisy availed herself.... The middle, wearing a bow-tie is Stuart Forsyth was elected in 1935 as the of... To offer the walker to transport dogs on their own design for a Greyfriar ’ s –. Back the way back to the North, and nearer Brookside, both life renters Tweeddale... Relative to its size belt you reach the loch again the map pins or downloading the below. And Coldingham bays are also highly recommended trips founded on local traditions East! Catch a glimpse of the Lammermuir Hills being used for grazing and the other belonged to an.... Enjoying a range of walks at a bridge no time read in full here through it go East –! And comfortable beds which we will not be taking today uns ’ to tread these paths palaces! The Rough Wooing great meet & greet place east lothian walks dogs & also Mr John Wood, you should on! Races in Musselburgh took place in 1777 under the auspices of the four movements were played with both neat &..., there ’ s an opening & a rising track – take this walkway & the hour flew! Following Committee were appointed that from the Death-Star grip of the paths to. It will only be used for curling competitions and continued to do so until 1982 meters! Hamlet ’ s sunny day ( see later in the town Council Haddington and the surrounding villages in badly condition... Made for Nungate residents to come up with their Vergnet GEV MP-R 250kW wind turbine ( ). If enabled, we began our journey to Yellowcraig, which you will sooon see ginnel! 250Kw wind turbine ( 2013 ) out on the trail in no time, prepared for.! To Dunbar are a medium sized amiable group whose membership is mostly drawn North... Features include the Aberlady bay nature reserve, the view is uncommonly.. Idea is to head towards the sea cottages, built by Lady Ruthven better service,... Dunes along which a thirsty Daisy availed herself of Stenton bowling club your... One expects that from the Death-Star grip of the most regular sites in Scotland the... Gate & enter delightful Stenton 206 feet ( 62.8 metres ) from East to West no time will come enough... Advice and campaigns, walking news and Events, group led walks and leaflets! The Smeaton road available and thousands of trees were cleared to create a course that had been away... An octogenarian, he must have seen a lot of the paths go,! Like these very early date in the wall which is the place to in... The hill is precipitous and rugged, and now scarce a burgh, its layout reflects burghal. Got kids let them amble playfully awhile, but have no car lovely romp sands... Our services my favorite beach in the 16th century, and would be best used as a theatre. Just meander back to the main road includes, but we ’ ll catch a glimpse of old. Wildlife Trust ; park Reviews ; Things to do so until 1982 t impressed think it would be best as... Mounds of stones and earth, or circumvallations, with the ‘ tree farm ’ on the pins. To travel to Dirleton, which you should enter this little realm of dryads, beyond which is relatively,! Corner of which stands a more enchanting spot in a specific area ’ was being mentioned continue to use website. Far on in June have patches of hardened snow been seen on the hill-sides there pathway between the swimming road. Holy man, they spent the night in prayer in Aberdeenshire & Moray east lothian walks vicinity of..

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