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The Remuneration Tribunal is an “independent statutory authority established under the Remuneration Tribunal Act 1973” with a purpose to “determine, report on or provide advice about remuneration, including allowances and entitlements” for federal Parliamentarians, judicial and non-judicial offices of federal courts and tribunals Secretaries of Departments, full-time and part-time holders of various public offices and Principal Executive Offices. Could showering for just one minute less save NSW 45 litres per day? Has the UN declared Bendigo the model for all regional cities in Australia? Pensioners must satisfy the income and assets tests to start receiving the aged pension. Are there more than 220,000 people queuing to become Australian citizens?

Chief Justice Salary. Surfing brand Rip Curl is not looking for models on Instagram, Greens and Labor did not sign a ‘Forest Protection Act’, Australian rose farms have not been damaged by bushfires, 2019 novel coronavirus not more deadly than Ebola or HIV, The 2019 coronavirus is not a man-made combination of HIV and SARS, Dettol effective against known strains, not 2019 novel coronavirus, No carbon contest between emissions-heavy humans and volcanoes, WHO has not labelled coronavirus a plague and it has not killed 75,000, Instant noodles wax claim lacks truth and taste, No evidence 2019 coronavirus came from a Chinese lab, Post makes false claims about coronavirus in foods, at train stations, Saudi MERS vaccine study is not related to 2020 coronavirus outbreak, Pensioners vs refugee payments post is from Canada, from 2004 and wrong, "Canteen pork ban refusal” post reheats and repeats old, false story. Does Australia have the world’s most sustainable food production?

Is there no evidence behind the National Disability Insurance Agency cap? Is NSW collecting $750m in levies and only giving 18% back for recycling? Since the May 2010 General Election the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) has been responsible for the regulation and payment of expenses to Members of the House of Commons. Could koalas become extinct by 2050 or are koala populations rising? Are dairy farmers receiving just 1.4 cents from a 10c per litre milk levy? Is there more budget funding for a Queensland road than for climate change? Is $77b in tax cuts hidden in the federal budget for high-income earners?

Has the level of casual employment not changed for two decades? Will Brisbane's new runway make it one of Australasia's highest-capacity?
Did Labor cut the Fair Work Ombudsman’s budget by 17% and staff by 20%? In 2013, leaders of minor parties who had more than five members of parliament but fewer than 10 earned $278,060.25.

Is the number of Adani mining jobs just a fraction of all Qld jobs? Has the number of apprentices dropped 30-40 per cent?

Is only 12 per cent of plastic waste recycled in Australia? This is due to changes made by the Howard government where those elected between November 10, 2001 to October 9, 2004 would become eligible once they turn 55. Did the NSW government cut $12.9m from Fire and Rescue NSW’s funding? Lewis, "New” Queensland road rules post makes a wrong turn, Al Gore glaciers post melts under scrutiny, “Emotional reaction” quote falsely attributed to Warren Buffett, Campbell’s Soup “Customer Service” reply is fake, Photo of soldier and jaguar not related to Amazon fires, ‘Woodstock’ cabling photo is from a 1994 Peter Gabriel album, Video of woman caught with shop items under robe not from Australia, Worldwide coal plants claim is inaccurate, Fluoride ingredient claim in Prozac is false, Socrates’ ‘slander becomes the tool of the loser’ quote is false, Motivational quote is not Ernest Hemingway, No evidence Churchill said quote about caring what people think, Figures for 2019 mass shootings list inconsistent, Drought-stricken farmers are not getting less compensation than refugees, Einstein quote that technology will create idiots is false, Claim that over 35% of pensioners live in poverty is false, Claim there have been no Jewish, Christian attacks since 9/11 is false, Kissinger’s claim about using vaccinations for social control is false, Julie Bishop didn't say Aboriginal culture shouldn't be taught at school, Claim doctors were murdered over cancer-vaccine discovery is fake, "Be happy" quote attributed to Shakespeare is fake, Bill Murray didn't say to teach kids about tax eat 30% of their ice-cream, Image of giant whales swimming under a Malaysian bridge is fake, Fake Che Guevara image depicts student guerilla theatre, Immigration quote attributed to PM Barton is by President Roosevelt, Sydney Roosters are not the world’s second most valuable sports team, Victorian Premier Andrews did not say mosque protesters had "no right", Label showing halal logo on canned pork is fake, Alan Jones did not conduct poll on kids learning Arabic numbers in school, No visible difference between chemically or naturally-ripened bananas, Ned Kelly post depicts German communist philosopher Friedrich Engels, Australian taxpayers don't fund children's terrorism or jihad lessons, Innisfail in north Qld is not an “agent orange town”, Bulldog urinating on Yassmin Abdel-Magied mural is fake, NZ PM Jacinda Ardern never said Jews should “be wiped off the map”, Swiss football brawl video used to create fake UK Muslim riot images, Feeding sugar water to bees will kill them, Post falsely claims youths arrested for just stealing chips, No proof quote was made by Martin Luther King Jr, Dingo and shark on the beach with mating snakes pic is fake, "Cool" image of film and rock trio is fake, Leadership quote credited to former US president John Quincy Adams is false, Sarah Hanson-Young protest sign image is fake, Muhammad is not Australia’s No.1 baby boy name, Alleged prostitute claim by Governor-General is a fake, Coal lobby post of wind turbine disaster is not real, Parliamentary Contributory Superannuation Scheme (PCSS), a percentage from 80 per cent of an MP’s base salary, A single pensioner on a full aged pension. Has there been a sustained fall in foreign tourist revenue for WA? If they receive an income of $2040.80, they will no longer receive a pension payment. For those who are eligible, the pension varies from politician to politician and the base salary is revised every year by the Remuneration Tribunal. Will the NSW government deliver more free technical and vocational courses, Will NSW Labor’s proposed luxury car tax hit regional and rural voters who, Will we be healthier and suffer less pollution if there are more cycleways, Are NSW public schools relying on demountable classrooms because the state, Are energy companies enjoying a run of record profits as customers struggle, Is Australia really meeting its Kyoto and Paris targets for carbon emission, Will WA rock lobster be cheaper if the state government increases domestic, Are psychotropic drugs becoming the preferred method of restraining nursing. Has Barnaby Joyce stopped Tamworth running out of water? Do only 40% of public servants live and work in Canberra? Was Labor’s primary vote at this year’s election the lowest in a century? Is Australia the only OECD country that does not use nuclear power? Did UK activist Raheem Kassam describe the Koran as ‘fundamentally evil’?

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