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Use of covariant derivative in general relativity. Experience.

[ , we have: For a type (1,1) tensor field (

{\displaystyle {\vec {V}}=v^{j}{\frac {\partial {\vec {\Psi }}}{\partial x^{j}}}\,}

If we adopt a new coordinates system


x →

In such a system one translates one of the vectors to the origin of the other, keeping it parallel. and


t φ

The derivative along a curve is also used to define the parallel transport along the curve.




) ) Then we notice that the parallel-transported vector along a closed circuit does not return as the same vector; instead, it has another orientation.

for dual vectors (differential forms) ρ, σ and tangent vectors


A vector may be described as a list of numbers in terms of a basis, but as a geometrical object a vector retains its own identity regardless of how one chooses to describe it in a basis.

{\displaystyle x^{i}}


f 0

at a point p in a smooth manifold assigns a tangent vector

x α Thus they quickly supplanted the classical notion of covariant derivative in many post-1950 treatments of the subject. Example. j n For directional tensor derivatives with respect to continuum mechanics, see, Informal definition using an embedding into Euclidean space, The covariant derivative is also denoted variously by, In many applications, it may be better not to think of, Introduction to the mathematics of general relativity, "Méthodes de calcul différential absolu et leurs applications", "Über die Transformation der homogenen Differentialausdrücke zweiten Grades", Journal für die reine und angewandte Mathematik, "Sur les variétés à connexion affine et la theorie de la relativité généralisée", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Covariant_derivative&oldid=986386409, Mathematical methods in general relativity, All Wikipedia articles written in American English, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, The definition of the covariant derivative does not use the metric in space.

Alternatively, the covariant derivative is a way of introducing and working with a connection on a manifold by means of a differential operator, to be contrasted with the approach given by a principal connection on the frame bundle – see affine connection. ∂

In one problem, some relation between a second covariant derivative and the Riemann tensor is to be proven. j {\displaystyle v^{k}{\Gamma ^{i}}_{kj}} In the 1940s, practitioners of differential geometry began introducing other notions of covariant differentiation in general vector bundles which were, in contrast to the classical bundles of interest to geometers, not part of the tensor analysis of the manifold. only needs to be defined on the curve ∈




. ⟩ I like how William L Burke thought about covariance, so I'll post an excerpt from him. p

such that the tangent space at See your article appearing on the GeeksforGeeks main page and help other Geeks. Why Java is not a purely Object-Oriented Language? ′ This group defines the class of inertial observers. The question then arises what the variance of these type constructors should be.

(manifold). The crucial feature was not a particular dependence on the metric, but that the Christoffel symbols satisfied a certain precise second order transformation law.

x for every upper index The interfaces IBar and IItem do not agree on variance: in your IBar declaration, the T is not covariant, as there is no out keyword, whereas in IITem the T is covariant.


g is orthogonal to tangent space, one can solve the normal equations: (using the symmetry of the scalar product and swapping the order of partial differentiations). Could it be rigorously proven in mathematics? , we have: For a covariant vector field e

γ Γ are the components of the connection with respect to a system of local coordinates. ,

v ω {\displaystyle \nabla _{i}{\vec {V}}}


{\displaystyle \gamma (t)} They can't understand, learn, or adapt. Sometimes an extra notation is introduced where the real value of a linear function σ on a tangent vector u is given as. {\displaystyle b_{i}} The last generic … Conventionally, indices identifying the basis vectors are placed as lower indices and so are all entities that transform in the same way.

Don’t stop learning now. , covariant differentiation is simply partial differentiation: For a contravariant vector field i

is a scalar density (of weight +1), so we get: where semicolon ";" indicates covariant differentiation and comma "," indicates partial differentiation.

( … v

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